Friday, October 22, 2010

Awesome workout today!

0600 - Premier Nutrition Chocolate Shake
0900 - 3 Egg and veggie omelet
1045 - Species Crealyze
1120 - Upper body workout

Dumbbell Press (chest) 6 sets
Incline Bench Press (chest) 6 sets
Decline Bench Press (chest) 6 sets
Dumbbell Fly (chest) 6 sets
Narrow grip dips on machine (triceps) 6 sets
Bench dips with dumbbell (triceps) 6 sets
Pull downs with rope (triceps) 6 sets
Dumbbell Curls (bicep) 6 sets
Hammer Curls (bicep) 6 sets

1245 - Species Shake - Isolyze/Carbolyze
1500 - Premier Protein Shake
1915 - Grilled chicken breast with portion of veggies.

Today was a GREAT workout! I felt great, pumped up and loving it! I absolutely love this life style and how it makes me feel. Thanks goes out to my wife for bringing the idea up!

The Species products are awesome! I have not had hardly any soreness and have had great workouts since I started their products.

My first posing suit came in the mail while I was on duty yesterday, I will try it on tonight. I know I will feel very self conscious wearing it.

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