Monday, October 25, 2010

Chest and Arms day

I am definitely not ever taking 2 days off in a row again. I love the way I feel today, especially after my workout. I had a great chest and arms workout today. I am eating right and working out and it feels great.
I have already begun to notice a change in my body after only 2 weeks.
I still have not experienced any noticeable soreness after working out since I started taking Species Crealyze!

0800 - Muscle Milk Light Chocolate Shake
1100 - Species Isoylze Protein Isolate Shake
1100 - Species Crealyze
1115 - 1235 Workout

Dumbbell Press (chest) 6 sets
Incline Bench Press (chest) 6 sets
Dumbbell Fly (chest) 6 sets
Decline Bench Press (chest) 6 sets
Dumbbell Curls (biceps) 6 sets
Hammer Curls (biceps) 6 sets
Bench Dips (tricep) 6 sets
Bar Pulldowns (tricep) 6 sets

1245 -  Species Shake - Isolyze/Carbolyze
1515 - Premier Nutrition Chocolate Shake
1830 - Grilled Chicken breast and steamed broccoli
2135 - EAS Myoplex Shake

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