Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lower body day

26 October 2010 

Feel good today, ready for a pumped up lower body day! I am really loving this life style! I cannot say enough about it.

0800 - 2 Egg omelet with veggies
1020 - EAS Myoplex Shake
1022 -  Species Crealyze
1100 - Workout at lower base gym at Submarine Base Bangor Washington State.

Leg Press (legs) 6 sets
Leg Extensions (legs) 6 sets
Calf Raises (legs) 6 sets
Glute Master Machine (legs) 6 sets
Ab Machine Straight (abs) 6 sets
Ab Machine Sides (abs) 6 sets per side
Lower Back Machine (back) 6 sets
Mid Row Machine (back) 6 sets

1245 - Post workout Species Shake - Isolyze X2/Carbolyze X1
1455 - Muscle Milk light shake
1700 - Taco Bell Chicken fresco burrito no cheese no sour cream
2015 - 4 hard boiled egg whites and 2 whole eggs

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