Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chest and arm workout day

27 October 2010

Well today is chest and arms day. I love this day it is my favorite. I know that every part of the body is just as important as all the others, this is just my favorite area to work.
Today is also another 24 hour duty day in the Navy. I am stuck at work and away from my family which sucks, but oh well only 9 more months until I will be retired from the Navy! WooHoo!
On to the diet and workout log.

0510 -  Muscle Milk Vanilla Shake
0810 - Muscle Milk Vanilla Shake
1100 - Grilled Chicken breast and steamed broccoli
1400 - Muscle Milk Vanilla Shake
1530 - Advocare Spark (Pick me up for pre-workout)
1540 - Species Crealyze (pre-workout creatine)
1555 - Workout

Today I do feel a little achy in my chest and bicep areas.

Smith bar bench press (chest) 5 sets
Incline Smith bench press (chest) 5 sets
Dumbbell Fly (chest) 5 sets
Dumbbell Decline press (chest) 5 sets
Dumbbell curls (bicep) 5 sets
Hammer curls (bicep) 5 sets
Bench dips (triceps) 5 sets
Standing Tricep push downs, with V bar (triceps) 5 sets
Seated single arm dumbbell curls (bicep) slow with good contraction done to failure each set. 10 sets

The Advocare Spark really helped get me going today. My workout started out really slow and it took until the Spark kicked in to really get into the workout hard core. This stuff really works well.

1730 - Species Shake (Isolyze/Carbolyze)
2030 - Grilled chicken breast and steamed broccoli
2230 - Muscle Milk vanilla shake
2300 - bed time! Good night!

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