Monday, November 1, 2010

Shoulders, Back and abs day

28 October 2010

Feeling good today. I am going to isolate these muscle groups for the first time today, wish me luck!

0645 - 4 eggs scrambled
1015 - Muscle Milk Light shake
1030 - AdvoCare Spark and Species Crealyze
1100 - 1230 - Workout

Seated row (back) 5 sets
Lower back extensions (back) 5 sets
Lat Pull downs (lats) 5 sets
Bent over reverse flys (back) 5 sets
Ab machine (abs) 5 sets
Dumbbell Shoulder shrugs (shoulders) 5 sets
MTS High row machine (back) 5 sets

Great workout, I enjoyed working these areas. I look forward to incorporating this workout group to my routine.

1235 - Species Shake - Isolyze X1/Carbolyze X1
1615 - 1 1/2 chicken breasts with a little bit of pesto sauce for flavor, I know it is not a good choice, but come on I needed a little different flavor and I LOVE pesto! It is my single favorite food!
1930 - EAS Myoplex Shake
2225 - EAS Myoplex Light Shake

29 October 2010

Got too busy with life and the kids...

30 October 2010

Cheat day, no data...

31 October 2010

Now this will be the LAST time I go more than 1 day between workouts! I feel like crap and will not repeat this ever again! I will not let life happen enough to prevent workouts, there is always time to get in a good workout. I just need to make sure it happens.

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