Monday, November 1, 2010

3 weeks into my new life!

01 November 2010

Well today is the end of 3 weeks of my new bodybuilding lifestyle. I love it so much. I have definitely noticed a loss of weight even though I have muscle growth also.
I have come to know that food and diet is a very big part of being success full as a bodybuilder.
I am one week away from taking my one month progress pictures and measurements, I am really looking forward to seeing how much my body has changed in only one month.

0730 - 4 egg and veggie scramble
1030 - Species Shake - Isolyze X1, Carbolyze X1
1030 - Species Crealyze and AdvoCare Spark
1115 - Workout

Dumbbell bench press (chest) 5 sets
Decline bench press (chest) 5 sets
Dumbbell flys (chest) 5 sets
Incline bench press (chest) 5 sets
Dumbbell curls (biceps) 5 sets
Hammer curls (biceps) 5 sets
Bench dips with weight (triceps) 5 sets
V bar triceps extensions (triceps) 5 sets
Bicep curl machine (biceps) 3 sets

Felts great today during the workout. The pre-workout supplements I take really do the trick, they allow me to get really good pumps in and to really push it. I have great energy during workouts!

1230 - Species Shake - Isolyze X2, Carbolyze X1
1500 - Muscle Milk Light Shake

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