Sunday, November 14, 2010

Body Building update

Ok, we delayed the Transformation Challenge to start tomorrow.

I am still loving the way I feel eating like this and working out regularly.
I did have a cheat meal on Thursday and did not eat that great on Friday, but I am back at it today. I had a good but short due to time constraints workout. I am standing duty so I had to go on watch, so I did not have enough time to get in a really good workout. I am still plugging along though.

0600 - EAS Myoplex shake
0800 - 1200 Nap (it was good too)
1210 - Species Shake - Isolyze X1, Carbolyze X1
1230 - Species Crealyze
1300 - Workout

Smith machine bench press (chest) 5 sets
Dumbbell curls (biceps) 5 sets
Hammer curls (biceps) 5 sets
Bench dips with 90lbs of weight (triceps) 3 sets

1500 - Species Shake - Isolyze X2, Carbolyze X1
1820 - EAS Myoplex shake

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