Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bill Philips Transformation Challenge

08 November 2010

Today is the start of our Transformation Challenge. My wife and I decided to do a challenge to kick start our body building life style.
A Transformation Challenge is not much different than what I have been doing for the last month, but I will do my best on this program and see what the results are.

0530 - EAS Myoplex Shake
0920 - EAS Myoplex Shake
1030 - Species Shake - Isolyze X1, Carbolyze X1
1100 - Species Crealyze and EAS Peak drink
1205 - Workout

Dumbbell curls (biceps) 5 sets
Hammer curls (biceps) 5 sets
Bench dips (triceps) 5 sets
V bar tricep extensions (triceps) 5 sets
Dumbbell bench press (chest) 5 sets
Decline bench press (chest) 5 sets
Ab machine (abs) 5 sets

1315 - Species shake - Isolyze X2, Carbolyze X1
1800 - Morning Star Farms Grillers Prime and Grillers 1/4 pounder, baked potato
2100 - EAS Myoplex Shake
2300 - BED!

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