Friday, November 5, 2010

Very tired today 1.5 hours sleep, but still going

04 November 2010

1.5 hours sleep! We were up all night with our little one and etc...

Hoping to have a good day and just to make it through work and my workout.

0545 - AdvoCare Slam (Really tired and hope this helps get me going)
0600 - Hydroxycut Hardcore
0630 - EAS Myoplex Shake
0900 - 4 egg and veggie omelet no cheese
1045 - Species Crealyze and AdvoCare Spark
1115 - Workout

Dumbbell press (chest) 5 sets
Dumbbell curls (biceps) 5 sets
Weighted bench dips (tricep) 5 sets
Hammer curls (biceps) 5 sets
V bar Tricep pulldowns (triceps) 5 sets
Seated bicep cable pulls (biceps) 5 sets

1300 - Species Shake - Isolyze X2, Carbolyze X1
1305 - Hydroxycut Hardcore
1600 - EAS Myoplex shake
1900 - Cheese casadilla (I know not good, but hey I have been working hard)
2200 - EAS Myoplex Shake

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