Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good day after 2 days off the program

18 October 2010

No soreness to report from any previous workouts. Well a tiny little bit to know that I did workout.

0700 - Muscle Milk Light Chocolate Shake
1035 - Species Crealyze
1135 - Upper Body

Incline Bench Press (chest) 6 sets
Hammer Curls (bicep) 6 sets
Lat Pull downs (lats) 6 sets
Decline Bench Press (chest) 6 sets
Standing Curls (bicep) 6 sets
Seated Arm Extensions (Triceps) 3 sets
Dumbbell Fly (chest) 3 sets
Seated Dip with weight (Triceps) 6 sets

1230 - Species Shake - Carbalyze X1 scoop (Fruit Punch)/Isolyze X1 scoop (Vanilla Ice Cream)
1510 - Premier Nutrition Chocolate Shake
1720 - 24 oz canned chicken breast with Franks Red Hot
2115 - Muscle Milk Light Chocolate Shake

Great day and good workout! I love this new life style. I know I will be ready for my first competition in a year!

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